The Baltic Secret Phenomenon

Baltic amber is one the most mysterious natural phenomena. Nature’s best kept secret, you may say. Surrounded by legends and origin myths, Baltic amber and the great power it holds on us remain a puzzle.

A simple touch is enough to comprehend that amber is no simple stone. There’s a certain softness about amber, a certain soothing warmth, a sense of meaning and history. After all, these little wonders of nature carry stories that go back millions and millions of years to prehistoric times. A history of the world in your palm. A shining little secret.

Perhaps, then, we should not be surprised about the effects that Baltic amber holds on us. Amber has a unique ability to create harmony between body and soul, a connection we like to call the “Baltic Secret”. This type of relationship enables great human improvements - amber enhances and elevates the spirit, gives vitality heals the ailments of the body (Baltic amber is known in traditional medicine as an effective natural remedy of numerous diseases).

The Baltic Secret phenomenon is also responsible for amber’s soothing effects on teething babies, as well as repelling power against ticks, lice and fleas (for your pet). Isn’t it amazing? While scientists continue to debate the mechanism behind the Baltic Secret phenomenon, families across the world reap the benefits.

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